Finland is situated in Northern Europe and forms the eastern part of Scandinavia. The country shares frontiers with Sweden to the west, with Norway to the north, and with Russia to the east. To the south Finland's neighbour is Estonia. Finland covers an area of more than 338,000 square kilometers.

Trafi is the Finnish Transport Safety Agency which maintains an aircraft register and monitors aviation safety and ensures that international obligations are met as well as aircraft mortgages. The Finnish Aircraft Registry has over 1,500 aircraft on its register.

The registration mark of an aircraft in the Finnish Aircraft Register comprises the nationality mark 'OH' followed by a three or four-character register mark which consists of letters, numbers or letters and numbers, depending on the category and type of the aircraft.

Benefits of Registration in Finland

The principal benefits of registering an aircraft in Finland are:
  1. Stable legal and political environment
  2. Clear and simple taxation regime
  3. High regulatory standards and service levels
  4. No weight or age restrictions for aircraft

Qualified Owners

The preconditions for registration are that:-
  1. The owner or operator must be domiciled in Finland or another EU member state.
  2. Where the owner or operator is based in another EU member state, the principal place of departure of the aircraft must be from Finland and a competent local representative must be appointed.

Registration Fees

Aircraft Registration €150
Annual Aircraft Registration Maintenance Fee €60
Mortgage Registration €90


To register an aircraft, the owner must submit an application to the Finnish Transport Safety Agency and where applicable, the following must be attached to the registration application:
  • Copy of the aircraft manual page showing the type information of the aircraft to be registered
  • Copy of the bill of sale or other title deed
  • A foreign authority's certification of removal from the register or of the aircraft not being registered in the register of the country of manufacture
  • Any power of attorney or other document that indicates the application's signatory's authority to sign the application
  • Details of the operator
  • if the domicile of the aircraft's owner or operator is not in Finland, you must attach an account of the aircraft's primary point of origin and its operational connection with Finland to the application

An aircraft under construction may also be temporarily entered on the aircraft register provided that the construction work has progressed so far that the aircraft may be identified.

The average time needed to register an aircraft will vary according to the location of the aircraft and the availability of a surveyor for the inspection. However, owners are advised to allow 6-8 weeks for the completion of the registration process.


If you are interested in more information regarding the registration of your aircraft in Finland or to check the availability of an 'OH' Registration, please contact our REGISTRATION, MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION TEAM





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