Bermuda is British Dependant Territory founded in 1620 with Governors appointed by the Crown. Bermuda comprises a group of small islands in the Western Atlantic Ocean and is approximately 570 miles from the US coast. The Bermuda Department of Civil Aviation (BDCA) is subject to safety oversight surveillance by the Air Safety Support International (ASSI), a subsidiary of the Civil Aviation Authority of the United Kingdom who ensures compliance with international aviation safety standards. The Registration mark consists of five letters commencing with nationality mark VP-B or VQ-B and is followed by two letters assigned to the aircraft.

Benefit of Registration in Bermuda

  1. High standards of airworthiness
  2. The VP-B and VQ-B nationality marks are seen as being low profile which is often advantageous to operators
  3. The BDCA is staffed by highly qualified personnel
  4. The BDCA accepts internationally recognised airworthiness and operational standards of other jurisdictions
  5. Favourable tax regime and no exchange control regulations
  6. Bermuda offers a full range of supporting professional aviation service providers

Qualified Owners

The Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2007 defines persons who are qualified to be the owner of a legal or beneficial interest in aircraft registered in Bermuda, or a share in such an aircraft as:

  1. The Crown in right of Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom or in the right of the Government of Bermuda
  2. Commonwealth Citizens
  3. British protected persons
  4. Bodies incorporated in some part of the Commonwealth and having their principal place of business in any part of the Commonwealth

Registration Fees

Fees for the initial and re-issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness with a maximum 12 month validity period are detailed in the table below:

Corporate and General Aviation
(i)  For aircraft not exceeding 5,700Kg $5,000
(ii) For aircraft exceeding 5,700 kg but not exceeding 30,000kg $5,000 plus $175 per 500kg or part thereof exceeding 5,700 kg up to a maximum of $13,500
(iii) For aircraft exceeding 5,700 kg but not exceeding 100,000kg $13,500 plus $145 per 500kg or part thereof exceeding 30,000 kg up to a maximum of $33,000


In order to start the registration process it is necessary to submit an application for "Approval in Principle" (Form 100) to the Director of Civil Aviation. The application can be made online where its progress can also be viewed online.

The BDCA's airworthiness department will liaise directly with the maintenance organisation to arrange an inspection of the aircraft.

Aircraft and flight crew flying in MNPS/RVSM airspace will need to be approved by the Bermuda DCA. Also, all crew are required to hold a current Bermuda Flight Crew Validation.

Owners and operators are advised to allow 4-6 weeks for the completion of the registration process.

Who to contact

If you are interested in more information regarding the registration of your aircraft in Bermuda or to check the availability of a 'VP-B' or 'VQ-B' Registration, please contact our REGISTRATION, MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION TEAM





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