The Cayman Islands consists of a group of three islands in the Caribbean: Little Cayman, Cayman Brac and Grand Cayman. The main Island, Grand Cayman, is situated approximately 480 miles southeast of Miami.

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands (CAACI) is the regulatory body controlling the aviation industry throughout the Cayman Islands. The CAACI's Aircraft Register is not open for commercial air transport and is therefore a register for private and corporate aircraft.

The Registration mark consists of five letters commencing with nationality mark VP-C and is followed by two letters assigned to the aircraft.

Benefit of Registration in the Cayman Islands

  1. Safe and stable jurisdiction
  2. Neutral registration nationality
  3. Legal system based upon English law
  4. A competitive fees structure
  5. A professional local infrastructure
  6. A secure mortgage register

Qualified Owners

The Air Navigation (Overseas Territories) Order 2007 defines persons who are qualified to be the owner of a legal or beneficial interest in aircraft registered in the Cayman Islands as follows:

  1. The Crown in right of Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom or in the right of the Government of the Territory
  2. Commonwealth Citizens
  3. British protected persons
  4. Bodies incorporated in some part of the Commonwealth and having their principal place of business in any part of the Commonwealth
  5. Firms carrying on business in the Cayman Islands or
  6. Unqualified persons residing or having a business in the Cayman Islands

Registration Fees

Fees for the initial and re-issue of a Certificate of Airworthiness with a maximum 12 month validity period are detailed in the table below:

Certificate of Airworthiness - First Issue
(a) For the investigations required by the CAA in the case of any aircraft in respect of each 500kg or part thereof of the maximum weight a charge of $200 and
(b) For the issue of the certificate in any case in respect of each complete year of validity applied for in respect of the certificate a charge of $300
Certificate of Airworthiness - First Issue
(i) For aircraft not exceeding 2,730Kg $1,000
(ii) For aircraft exceeding 2,730 kg but not exceeding 5,700kg $2,000
(iii) For aircraft exceeding 5,700 kg but not exceeding 34,000kg $2,000 plus $150 per 500kg or part thereof exceeding 5,700 kg up to a maximum of $10,000
(iv) For aircraft exceeding 34,000 kg but not exceeding 68,000 kg $10,000 plus $140 per 500kg or part thereof exceeding 30,000 kg up to a maximum of $19,000
(v) For aircraft exceeding 68,000 kg but not exceeding 91,000 kg $19,000 plus $130 per 500kg or part thereof exceeding 91,000 kg up to a maximum of $24,000


The CAACI will only accept aircraft with a Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) exceeding 12,500lbs/5,700kg. The only exception applies to helicopters based on Cayman Islands registered yachts.

Either the aircraft owner or the charterer by demise may be registered on the Aircraft Register.

The registration process can commence upon receipt of a completed application together with a payment for 50% of the Certificate of Airworthiness fee.

Owners and operators are advised to allow 6-8 weeks for the completion of the registration process.

Who to Contact

If you are interested in more information regarding the registration of your aircraft in the Cayman Islands or to check the availability of a 'VP-C' Registration, please contact our REGISTRATION, MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION TEAM





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