The Channel Islands archipelago is located off the coast of France, south of England. There are eight islands in two jurisdictions: the Bailiwick of Guernsey and the Bailiwick of Jersey. Both Bailiwicks are dependencies of the British Crown and have a high level of autonomy. The Channel Islands Aircraft Registry is an initiative of the Bailiwick of Guernsey. Its head office is based at Guernsey airport.

2-REG is the new Guernsey based Channels Islands registry that was launched on the 9th December 2013. It is operated via a partnership agreement between the States of Guernsey and SGI Aviation.

2-REG is specifically aimed at private and corporate aircraft which can be based anywhere in the world. The nationality mark is '2' followed by four letters, allowing for attractive registration marks such as "2-PLAY" or "2-COOL".

2-REG is also attractive particularly attractive to owners and operators as it offer high service levels combined with a tax friendly environment.

The registry is open to aircraft in the following categories:

  • Turbine-powered aircraft above 2,700 kg based anywhere in the world
  • Turbine-powered helicopters based anywhere in the world
  • Aeroplanes and helicopters based in Guernsey and Jersey

Benefits of Registration in Guernsey

The principal benefits of registering an aircraft in Guernsey are:
  • Stable legal and political environment
  • Clear and simple taxation regime
  • High regulatory standards and service levels
  • Wide international ownership eligibility
  • European time zone
  • Fractional ownership is permitted subject to certain restrictions
  • Neutral Nationality registration prefix '2-'
  • Registration marks can be transferred
  • Competitive scheme of charges
  • No insurance premium tax (6% in UK)
  • Flexibility of aircraft airworthiness, operating and licensing
  • Guernsey is an OECD white list jurisdiction and is outside the EU VAT territory and does not have any goods or sales tax

Qualified Owners

The following persons are eligible to register their aircraft in Guernsey:
(a) The Crown
(b) Natural persons who are:-
  • Commonwealth citizens
  • Nationals of any EEA State
  • British protected persons
  • Resident in the Channel Islands or
  • Represented by a resident agent
(c) Legal persons who are:-
  • Formed in accordance with the law of a Commonwealth country and which have their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the Commonwealth
  • Formed in accordance with the law of an EEA state and which have their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the European Economic Area
  • Which have their registered office, central administration or principal place of business within the Channel Islands
  • Who are represented by a resident agent

Registration Fees

Registration of an aircraft 140
Registration of an engine 140
Reservation of a selected registration mark (for each 3months) 500
Registration of a mortgage 260
Validation of a flight crew licence (initial) 150


If you are interested in more information regarding the registration of your aircraft in Guernsey or to check the availability of a '2-Reg' Registration, please contact our REGISTRATION, MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION TEAM





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