The UK CAA is a highly regulated quality register and is renown for its high safety, maintenance and certification approval standards. It is a popular prefix for owners and operators who either base their aircraft in the UK or fly within UK airspace.

The registration of aircraft in the UK is governed by the Air Navigation Order 2009 as amended. There are currently over 21,000 registered aircraft of which approximately 10,000 are fixed wing and 1,200 are helicopters.

The UK registry permits all forms of leasing of foreign registered aircraft including wet, dry and damp lease.

Benefits of Registration in the UK

The main advantages for registering an aircraft in the UK are:

  1. High regulatory standards and service levels
  2. Neutral nationality prefix
  3. A secure mortgage register
  4. Clear and simple tax regime
  5. An international reputation for quality

Qualified Owners

(a) The Crown in right of Her Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom or in the right of the Scottish Administration
(b) British Citizens
(c) Commonwealth Citizens
(d) Nationals of any European Economic Area (EEA ) State
(e) British protected persons
(f) Bodies incorporated in the UK or in some part of the Commonwealth and having their principal place of business in the UK or in an part of the Commonwealth
(g) Undertakings formed in accordance with the law of an EEA State which have their registered office, central administration of principal place of business within the European Economic Area or
(h) Firms carrying on business in Scotland
(i) An unqualified person residing or having a place of business in the UK

Registration Fees

Reservation of an out-of-sequence mark (for 6 months) £150
Same day processing service - aircraft >= 15,000 kg £210
Same day processing service - aircraft < 15,000 kg £105


The applicant should complete a CA1 Application form and return it to the Aircraft Registration section along with the appropriate fee.

Evidence of insurance, or a declaration that the aircraft will not fly until evidence of insurance has been supplied to the CAA, must also be supplied with the application. For pre-owned aircraft, confirmation of de-registration from the exporting country must also be provided.

If required, by prior arrangement, the UK CAA can register aircraft outside of normal office hours via its same day service immediately upon receipt of all the relevant information.

Who to contact

If you are interested in more information regarding the registration of your aircraft in the UK or to check the availability of a 'G' Registration, please contact our REGISTRATION, MANAGEMENT & ADMINISTRATION TEAM





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