The aircraft pre-purchase inspection/appraisal is indeed a must when considering an aircraft purchase or valuation. The process is complex and will vary in terms of content based upon the type and age of aircraft being considered. The appraisal is split into two main tasks one being the physical inspection of the airframe and engines and the other a comprehensive survey of the back to birth maintenance records.

A common shortcut that the Buyer usually take is to perform an abbreviated inspection based on the fact that a major inspection was just accomplished. This approach is to be avoided at all costs as no matter how fresh a new inspection has been carried out, there can be hidden factors requiring a more in-depth survey. Additionally, prospective Purchasers may ask the seller to carry a pre-purchase inspection. This again, is totally unacceptable as the appraisal agency needs to be totally unbiased and unconnected to the seller.

OCRA Aerospace with its global networks of Aviation Professionals in 21 locations worldwide offer the specific pre-purchase service to provide you with an independent pre-purchase survey and valuation audit. Therefore, enabling you to verify that your purchase is indeed value for money and that you have reduced the risk of any unknown maintenance surprises for the future.

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