OCRA Aerospace will project manage the completion and refurbishment of your present aircraft or indeed oversee the refurbishment of an aircraft that you are just acquiring. Our policy is to minimise the downtime and to project manage the task in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

There is a multitude of refurbishment and modification shops around the world and one must choose the right location for the specific brand of aircraft that you already own or you are buying.

Project managing a refurbishment program requires total oversight of the project on a daily basis to ensure that the quality and integrity of the work is not being compromised in any way.

The refurbishment program must comply with industry best practice standards as well as ensuring that the right engineers are at hand to sign off any modifications that have been made to avionics, fuel tanks and installation of cabin management systems.

OCRA Aerospace will provide one of our suitably qualified professionals to oversee the project from start to finish to ensure it is completed within budget, on-time and to the quality you would expect as a discerning owner of a high-value aircraft.

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