"Peace of mind and protection for both aircraft buyer and seller"

OCRA Aerospace is able to offer our clients a confidential and bespoke commercial escrow service which assists to avoid the potential risk for both buyers and sellers ensuring that both parties are protected prior to exchange of funds.

The definition of ESCROW, means that it is a method of transferring funds, goods, documents and other instruments of value via a third party to two or more principals in accordance with specific instructions and conditions as set out by the client.

This service is particularly relevant for independent parties and organisations who wish to transact commercial business together but are unsure of their respective business practices, cultural backgrounds or financial strengths.

Through OCRA Aerospace’s worldwide network of offices, our “closers” will be able to understand the intricacies of the commercial transaction and arrange for an on-the spot “execution” to meet the demands of all parties throughout the entire process. Our in-house application software programmers have developed an online tracking system which allows the clients to view updates of the transaction status to the relevant parties in real-time, thus, facilitating a clear definable and organised procedure towards completion.

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