Whether you are purchasing, selling or chartering an aircraft, it is incumbent on owners to see to the craft's financial, legal, technical and administrative obligations.

These responsibilities are often complex and require careful consideration and the attention of a specialist service provider.

OCRA Aerospace is an aircraft company with the experience and expertise to handle registration and the ongoing commitments your craft will demand.

We assist manufacturers, owners, operators and leasing companies looking to register their aircraft with a range of issues such as:

  • What aircraft to purchase and how to go about locating and buying.
  • Securing and facilitating Finance arrangements where necessary.
  • Liaising with the Aviation authority for registration.
  • Structuring a solution to protect personal privacy as well as the asset.
  • Acquiring advice on VAT, customs and the general tax ramifications of ownership.
  • Finding and retaining experienced pilots and crew.
  • Ensuring the craft is adequately insured.
  • Administering the craft's legal and technical requirements.
  • Our services help you navigate issues of ownership and operation and realise the benefits of your investment without compromise.
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