Isle Of Man Aircraft Registration

M-REGISTER REGISTRATIONS (Isle of Man Aircraft Registration)

Sound business reasons should underpin the choice of jurisdiction when considering where to register your craft. The checklist should include ease of practical operations, geographical convenience, running costs and ease of administration. Other overlapping considerations include the availability of cost-effective and professional services, the status and international acceptability of the jurisdiction and the ability to register a charge or mortgage.

A careful weighing of these factors will often indicate which is the optimum register for any given aircraft. ("Owners need to brush up on the art of aircraft registration" Mike Byrne,, February 2007)

The Isle of Man checks all the boxes for owners wishing to take advantage of the Island's easy operating distance from the UK and Europe. It is open to all non-commercial aircraft including private jets, corporate jets and helicopters, and has secured the coveted single letter "M" prefix.

The Island has structured its registration service to maximise benefits for aircraft owners. It operates its own mortgage registry, offers no insurance premium tax and a competitive scheme of charges. The small scale of the register is likely to appeal to owners who will find it more user-friendly and less bureaucratic, and its Civil Aviation Team is able to travel, outside of business hours where necessary, to accelerate the registration process.

As a AAA rated offshore jurisdiction that operates as a Crown Dependency with its own government and legislation, it enjoys an outstanding reputation within the international community and consequently registration here would not be considered a "flag of convenience".

The Isle of Man's thriving yacht registration sector is a major factor in its government's decision to offer a private aircraft registry primarily aimed at business aircraft. Yacht owners who also have aircraft or helicopters will benefit from registering them in the same jurisdiction.

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