The Isle of Man offers a number of flexible and tax efficient options for ownership. These include a range of partnerships, trusts and corporate holding structures which can help owners take advantage of the low costs involved in operating from the Island and the Island's beneficial tax legislation and privacy laws.

Choosing to have the aircraft owned by a company or a trust in the Isle of Man offers owners a number of important advantages:

  • Confidentiality of ownership
  • Reduced exposure to potential liabilities
  • Easing the disposition of assets to heirs
  • Beneficial VAT planning
  • Zero-rated Corporation Tax
  • OCRA Aerospace has particular expertise in the utilisation of Manx business entities for international trade and investment, and for real property holding - helping owners protect their asset and maximise their investment.

To this end, we work in close association with Ernst & Young. Through their global network of VAT and tax specialists, we are able to offer a variety of bespoke structures and solutions for clients intending to purchase an aircraft - solutions that provide for beneficial VAT planning and tax mitigation and/or deferral.

Once the best structure for the aircraft has been established, OCRA Aerospace can take care of the incorporation and all ensuing management and administrative matters including, where appropriate, acting as directors, the company secretary or the trustees.

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